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Bilateral Science and Technology Cooperation


Bilateral Science and Technology Cooperation

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI) is promoting the internationalization of Italian research and scientific diplomacy as essential tools for developing cooperation between Italy and the rest of the world.

Cooperation in science and technology is an essential part of the China-Italy comprehensive strategic partnership and it is identified in the bilateral cooperation agreement in culture, science and technology signed between the two countries in 1998 in Beijing and implemented via three-year executive programs.

Scientific and technological cooperation between Italy and China is currently been carried out according to two executive protocols:

MAECI-NNSFC (National Natural Science Foundation of China) 2018-2021 (extended), in new materials, with particular reference to two-dimensional systems and graphene; environment, with particular reference to urban circular economy; physics and astrophysics, with particular reference to quantum technology and dark matter; health, with particular reference to precision medicine, genomics and chronic diseases.

MAECI-MOST (Ministry of Science and Technology) 2019-2022 (extended), in artificial intelligence; technologies related to astrophysics; innovative biomedical devices; innovative processes for biomass conversion into energy.